The job of BCA is two-fold. On one hand, we’re here to help our non-profits to be successful. On the other hand, we’re here to support our community with special events.

The purpose of Brainerd Community Action is to establish unity within the community and to obtain personal involvement by the greatest number of the community’s people. Brainerd Community Action works to enrich the lives of the entire citizenry by defining problems, assessing resources and working out programs that may offer solutions to those problems.

Brainerd Community Action is a 501c3 public/non-profit social and economic development enterprise whose purpose is to establish optimal connections between the Brainerd Lakes Area citizens and the many non-profit organizations that serve the region.

The mission of Brainerd Community Action is to provide support with structural design, financial consulting, and fiscal agency to new and existing non-profit entities that serve the Brainerd Lakes Area. Paralleling this is Community Action’s commitment to orchestrating many community/celebration events.

Understanding the importance of non-profit and social-service entities in building and maintaining a healthy community, Brainerd Community Action’s vision is to help energize and maximize the potential of these organizations. Remaining inclusive, creative and flexible will continue Community Action’s relevancy into the future.